Safety alerts

If you're concerned about safety in your workplace you can speak to a WorkSafe health and safety advisor on 1800 136 089 or contact the 24 hour emergency line on 13 23 60 to report serious workplace injuries.

Operating mine trucks

1 May 2016

This Alert highlights the danger to underground mine workers whilst operating mine trucks and provides solutions to reduce or eliminate associated risks

Working outdoors

1 May 2016

Alert highlights hazards associated with working outdoors and follows recent incidents including the death of an employee from a snake bite

Pressure testing of pipes

1 May 2016

Alert highlights the potential for explosions when pressure testing water or sewer pipes with high pressure air.

Maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles

20 January 2016

This Alert provides guidance about the risks associated with failing to repair or adequately repair defects in a commercial vehicle.

Working with submersible pumps on farms

20 January 2016

This alert highlights the risk of electrocution when operating or maintaining submersible pumps.

Controlling entanglement risks

4 December 2015

Provides information for employers and workers about how to control the risk of entanglement when using plant and machinery

Danger of jump-starting batteries

2 December 2015

Warning to employers and workers of the dangers associated with jump-starting or boosting flat batteries in powered mobile plant (eg tractors) used in agriculture.

Temporary site structures

10 September 2015

Temporary site structures

Workers crushed in EWPs

1 September 2015

This Alert warns of the danger to workers of being crushed against structures, while manoeuvring raised mobile elevating work platforms (EWPs) in around or near fixed structures.

Panel axis is critical for single crane rotation

1 August 2015

This Alert highlights the dangers associated with 'side-loading' boom assemblies during single crane operations involving precast concrete panel rotation.

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