Occupational rehabilitation service (registered provider) fees effective from 1 July 2018

This schedule must be read in conjunction with the occupational service delivery principles and the contents of the online claims manual.

The information contained in this fee schedule and the occupational service delivery principles replaces prior information and guidance released by WorkSafe.

WorkSafe Victoria will pay up to a maximum amount for the following categories of service.

Item number Service description Maximum payment rate
Original Employer Services
RC700 Initial Report $825.80
RC717 Initial Report Extension – MI claims only $249.32
RC701 OES Status Report $81.74
RC715 OES Servicing $166.49 per hour
RC764 OES Suspension $40.87
RC799 OR Provider Travel $166.49 per hour
RC720 Return to work – commencement $88.48
RC250 Back at Work RTW Incentive $321.46
RC730 Return to work – pre injury hours & placement report $283.28
RC740 Return to work – 13 wk. sustainability (Where OES commenced less than 50 calendar days after the Agent Received Date) $609.13
RC741 Return to work –13 wk. sustainability (Where OES commenced on or after 50 calendar days after the Agent Received Date) $812.15
RC742 Return to work –13 wk. sustainability for mental injury $1,074.92
RC750 Return to work – Pre injury duties / productive duties (Including workers receiving weekly payments at OES commencement) $177.01
RC706 Support Pathway Contact (no incentives applicable) $408.72
RC707 Facilitated Discussion – Preparation (no incentives applicable) $1,277.25
RC708 Facilitated Discussion – Meeting (no incentives applicable) $766.35
New Employer Services
RC811 Job Seeking Service (JSS) - Commencement $1,285.82
RC812 Job Seeking Service (JSS): - Active $1,178.68
RC813 Job Seeking Service (JSS): - Support $664.33
RC810 NES Workplace Report $166.49 per hour
RC889 NES Placement Report $651.17
RC899 NES Provider Travel $166.49 per hour
RC890 Incentive Type 1 $4,714.70
RC891 Incentive Type 2 $2,571.67
RC892 Incentive Type 3 $8,357.88
RC893 Incentive Type 4 $4,286.10
RC250 Back at Work RTW Incentive $321.46
RC814 Capacity Support Service (CSS) $750.07
RC815 Capacity Support Service (CSS) Report $535.76
RC888 Capacity Change Incentive $1,071.52
RC816 Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) $664.33
Vocational Assessments
RC500 130 Week Vocational Report $166.49 per hour
RC505 Supplementary Report (up to 4 hours maximum negotiated) $166.49 per hour
WISE OR Provider
EWP200 Placement $706.73
EWP203 Suitability and Action Plan $1,413.44
RC770 OES Retraining Assessment (negotiated to this maximum) $498.25
RC771 OES Retraining Support (capped at 2 hours) $166.49 per hour
RC817 NES Retraining Support (capped at 2 hours) $166.49 per hour
GP Contact Services
RC277 GP RTW Case Conference - Maximum of 2 conferences per claim(capped at 2 hours) $166.49


Maximum fees listed in this fee schedule are exclusive of GST. If GST is applicable, WorkSafe Victoria will pay the GST component in addition to the maximum fee. Providers should provide a tax invoice where amounts are subject to GST. For queries regarding whether the services you provide to an injured worker are taxable (that is, subject to GST) please contact the Australian Taxation Office and/or your tax advisor.