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Guide for Victorian Workplaces - Consultation

  • Guide for Victorian Workplaces - Consultation (PDF 684kb)
    Document Type: Publication
    Keycode: WSV1541/01/10.12
    Industry: Community Services, Construction, Education Sector, Emergency Services, Farming, Food Manufacturing, Forestry, Foundries, Health Care Sector, Hospitality, Local Government, Major Hazard Facilities, Manufacturing, Basic and fabricated metals manufacturing, Mines, Poultry Processing, Real Estate, Retail and Fast Food, Security, Textile Manufacturing, Waste and Recycling, 
    Category: Consultation, Fatigue, General, 
    Publication Date: 11 October 2011
    Date First Published: 05 July 2007
    Summary: This handbook will help employers, HSRs, workers and consultants understand how to consult about workplace health and safety.

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