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Identification Form - Natural Person

  • Identification Form - Natural Person (PDF 173kb)
    Document Type: Form
    Keycode: FOR635/03/02.06
    Category: Licensing and Registrations, 
    Publication Date: 11 October 2006
    Date First Published: 11 October 2006
    Summary: This form is used to provide proof of identification to WorkSafe, in support of an application or notification.

About this form

Use Identification Form - Natural Person if you as an individual are required to provide proof of identification to WorkSafe, in support of your application or notification. For a list of people who can witness statutory declarations refer to the List of Authorised Verifiers.

Related information

Proof of Identification has been introduced as a key fraud prevention measure. WorkSafe wants to establish that only people with the right training, experience and qualifications can obtain authorisation, approvals, licences and certificates of competency.

How to complete the form

Complete all the details on the Identification form – Natural Person. You will need identification documents as proof of your identification (refer Section 2 of the form for the types of identification required) and 2 current passport size photos of yourself. Take your form and documents to someone who can authorise a statutory declaration, for verification of your identification. Submit your verified identification form and photos with your application form. You do not need to submit your original identification documentation to WorkSafe with the form. Completion of the Identification form – Natural Person is a once only requirement. The information provided is maintained on a register by the WorkSafe Licensing Branch and referenced for any future applications. There is no cost in processing your application with WorkSafe.

Where to send the form

Send this form with your application form to WorkSafe. Identification forms should not be sent to WorkSafe without an accompanied application form. By mail WorkSafe Victoria Licensing Branch GPO Box 4293 Melbourne Vic. 3001

Further information

Contact WorkSafe's Licensing Branch Telephone 1300 852 562 Facsimile 1800 060 727 Email