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Elected Health and Safety Representatives

Workers in safety hats and high vis clothingHealth and safety representatives (HSRs) play a vital role in making Victorian workplaces safer.

A safe workplace is more easily achieved when employers and heath and safety representatives regularly talk to each other about potential problems, and work together to find solutions.

HSRs are employees who are elected by the members of their Designated Work Group (DWG) to represent them, providing a way for their views and concerns about health and safety to be heard by their employer. All elected HSRs are entitled to undertake VWA approved HSR training.

VWA has a dedicated site for HSRs that contains a range of resources, tools and other information to assist HSRs, such as:

  • Electing HSRs
  • Training for HSRs
  • Consulting with HSRs
  • And much more

Visit our dedicated HSR site

Further information and support for HSRs is also available by calling the VWA Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 or (03) 9641 1444 or email: or