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Building And Structure Related Injuries Report

WorkSafe compensation claims are reported in an injury coding system using the following six categories:

  • Occupation
  • Nature of injury/disease
  • Bodily location of injury/disease
  • Mechanism of injury/disease
  • Agency of injury/disease
  • Breakdown agency of injury/disease

Compensation claims data can be broken down and reported against individual workplaces, individual industries or workplaces and industries with the same WorkSafe Industry Classification (WIC). There are in excess of 500 different WIC Codes; Supplementary Guidance Number 1 explains how to use WIC Codes in more detail.

"The Building and Structure Related Injuries Report" shows a breakdown of workplace injuries that may be attributable to design. The limitations of the data are described in the report.

The report shows injuries which may be building or structure design-related but it should not be regarded as definitive of all such injuries.