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Maintenance and Repair

Each year, a high number of workplace accidents result from maintenance and non-production tasks carried out on machinery and equipment.

That's why it's essential to plan and supervise all maintenance, installation, decommissioning, repair, servicing, adjusting, calibrating and cleaning activities on machinery and equipment in the workplace.

Typically fatalities and injuries related to these tasks result from:

  • an over-reliance on workers' specialist skills
  • a reluctance to supervise workers with specialist knowledge
  • failure to ensure contractors are complying with health and safety requirements
  • failure to isolate machinery and equipment prior to undertaking activities
  • prioritising production needs over health and safety.

While employers, managers and supervisors have specific responsibilities when it comes to eliminating or reducing risks to workers – everyone in the workplace should play a role in making sure activities are done safely.

Resources are available on the topics below to help ensure that maintenance and non-production tasks are well planned and suitable safety precautions are put in place. Whatever industry you work in – if you have machinery and equipment, the information contained here is relevant to you.

Maintenance and non-production tasks – resources