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Health and Wellbeing

Creating workplaces that support workers to flourish

WorkSafe Victoria is dedicated at its very core to ensuring workers return home safe every day.

One way in which we stand by this commitment is through the WorkHealth Improvement Network (WIN) – an innovative program which aims to create workplaces that support workers to flourish.

The WIN applies a continuous improvement approach to tackling complex workplace health and safety issues in Victoria, by exploring how workplace health promotion initiatives and on-the-job health and safety can be better integrated through a model we call integrated worker health.

We are proud to be national pioneers and leaders in the integrated worker health space and see tremendous value in this model. We believe a single inclusive program is much more effective than running separate programs. Why? Workers who are healthy, both physically and mentally, are more productive and less likely to injure themselves at work.

The WIN focuses on reducing the risk of injuries and illnesses, as well as optimising physical and mental wellbeing – the effects of which can have an impact not only on work life, but on home life too.

Building on solid foundations

The WIN program has been built on solid health, safety and wellbeing foundations thanks to the highly successful WorkHealth Program, which concluded in 2013. The WorkHealth Program was instrumental in raising awareness and appreciation of health at work, the linkages between personal health and safety performance, and encouraging Victorian workplaces to actively support the health and wellbeing of workers through a combination of workplace-based activities.

Many of the 38,000 workplaces that participated in the WorkHealth program have gone on to sign up to the Victorian Government's Achievement  Program, which recognises best practice in providing a health promoting workplace.