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Quad bikes - they can take your breath away.

Quad bikes are the biggest cause of death on Australian farms and over half of those are due to the bikes rolling over – crushing or asphyxiating the rider. According to the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety, there were 22 quad bike-related deaths in Australia last year alone.

A rollover can occur suddenly and in seemingly harmless riding conditions – it can, and does, happen to even the most experienced farmers.

Assess your rollover risk

Assess your risk of quad bike rollover using our online assessment tool above, or download our quick reference guide.

The Quad Bike Safety Rebate

Victorian farmers are being encouraged to take part in a $6 million rebate scheme to help reduce quad bike deaths in Victoria.

The Victorian Government is offering rebates of or up to $600 for the purchase of a rollover protection device for a quad bike or up to $1200 for the purchase of a safer vehicle such as a side-by-side vehicle (SSV) or a small utility vehicle (SUV).

The rebate is being administered by the Victorian Farmers Federation. For more information visit their website, or read our frequently asked questions.

Help improve quad bike safety by taking part in UNSW's survey

The University of New South Wales is looking into quad bike use, crashes and injuries in Australia to gain an understanding of why accidents happen and how we can reduce deaths and injuries from quad bike use. They want to hear from people over the age of 18 who use quad bikes for work.
Learn more about the research and take the survey here.

Quad bike safety guidance

A handbook for workplaces - Quad bikes on farms [PDF, 763.2kb]

Quad bikes - Reducing the risk [PDF, 1.2Mb]

It's important to remember there are still basic safety essentials when operating a quad bike. Helmets must always be worn, passengers are not allowed on single-user vehicles, riders must be appropriately trained and at least 16 years old.

Quad bikes - Operators wearing helmets [PDF, 286.2kb]

Quad bikes - Attachments, loads and towing [PDF, 104kb]

Always make sure your quad bike is maintained as per the manufacturer's instructions and never exceed cargo rack carrying capacities or vehicle load towing limits (refer to your operator manual).

What can you do to improve safety on your farm?

If you have any farm safety issues you would like to discuss, the WorkSafe Victoria Agriculture Practice team will be attending a number of Agriculture Field Days. For more information about which Agriculture Field Days we will be attending, please visit our event page.

First know your legal duties.

Then ensure you comply with your legal duties using the guidance and resources available in the Farm Safety - Health and Safety Guide. This guidance takes you through the important steps for farm safety, these are to:

The Greatest Risks

As you know, farmers and farm workers face many hazards on the job. You can see the most common injury risks in WorkSafe's Injury Hotspots Tool for Agriculture, along with recommended safety solutions.


The Quad Bike Performance Project

In 2014, SafeWork NSW, with support from Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities (HWSA), contributed $1.3 million to some ground-breaking research into quad bike safety. Watch the video below of the Transport and Road Safety researchers from the University of New South Wales talk about what they did.

Source: The Quad Bike Performance Project  Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre and University of New South Wales (UNSW)