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Health Care and Social Assistance Sector

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As the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulator, WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe), is committed to supporting and assisting health services to comply with OHS requirements. WorkSafe also plays an important role in educating and enabling health services to encourage continuous OHS improvement, raising the level of protection available for health service employees and ensuring the provision of high-quality patient care.

The health care and social assistance sector (HCSA) is Victoria's largest employing industry. The sector is rapidly expanding and is projected to continue to do so as the population both grows and ages, amplifying any current Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) issues and trends.

Working together, we can prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and provide a healthy, happy workplace leading to better client service.

More than 12,500 claims were made in the past three years (2012/13 – 2014/15) with a cost of almost $650 million.

For workers, this can mean pain and discomfort which sometimes lasts for years, affecting not only their work but their everyday lives, families and relationships.

For employers, these injuries can lead to workers' compensation claims and higher costs, and can diminish workplace morale and productivity.

The health care and social assistance sub-sectors include:

WorkSafe Victoria is proud to support the healthcare and social assistance sector in sharing initiatives that aim to improve health and safety outcomes for workers.
Here are some examples:  

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