Provisional Payments Pilot

On 30 June 2021, the Pilot ended for emergency workers with mental injury claims.

The Pilot

If you are an emergency worker or volunteer and have lodged a claim on or before 30 June 2021, you may be eligible to receive support under the Pilot.

If you have an entitlement to provisional payments under the pilot as at 30 June, you will continue to receive support.

If you lodge a mental injury claim from 1 July 2021, you may be entitled to provisional payments (see below) under the Victorian workers' compensation legislation.

Emergency workers who require further information about the Pilot can contact the Department of Justice and Community Safety Victoria.

Provisional payments now available for all eligible workers

From 1 July 2021, Victorian workers can now access early treatment and support while they await the outcome of their mental injury claim. This support is called provisional payments.

Eligible workers can access provisional payments for reasonable treatment and services for their mental injury for up to 13 weeks, even if their claim is rejected.

Entitlement to provisional payments

Workers are not entitled to provisional payments where:

  • there is clear evidence the claimant is not a Victorian worker
  • the worker's claim is a duplicate of an existing claim
  • the claim is for a physical injury only

Eligible Victorian volunteers are also entitled to provisional payments, subject to the criteria above.

Note: Most volunteers are not entitled to compensation if injured while volunteering.

Further information