What it contains

Victoria's new Dangerous Good (Transport by Road or Rail) Regulations reflect national changes to the transport of dangerous goods. The new regulations also prescribe fees to meet requirements under Victoria’s Cost Recovery Guidelines. From 25 October 2018, new fees will apply when you apply for approval of a road vehicle design. The fee is:

  • 57.1 fee units x $14.45 the value of fee unit for 2018/2019 = $825.10.

These fees will be indexed annually from 1 July 2019.

Use this form to apply for approval of a road tank vehicle design to transport dangerous goods.

Information to be provided includes:

  • applicant details
  • tank manufacturer, including tank details
  • other approvals of road tank vehicle design
  • description of dangerous goods
  • a tank design compliance self-assessment
  • technical drawings
  • thickness specification
  • engineer’s declaration

You may also provide additional information to supplement your application, such as:

  • photographs
  • material or technical specifications
  • vehicle safety manual
  • design criteria and calculations
  • third party compliance statement to AS2809

Important: Please download this PDF to your computer. You can fill it in using Adobe Reader but it will not save if you attempt to fill it in using your web browser.