[ARCHIVED] How to conduct a safety assessment: Information for operators of prescribed mines

How operators of prescribed mines can conduct safety assessments.
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Jun 2017

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This document is no longer current and is available on the website for historic purposes only.

What it contains

Prescribed mines must have a safety management system (SMS) to ensure they operate safely. A safety assessment forms part of the SMS for all identified major mining hazards. This document outlines how operators can develop a SMS to reduce or eliminate health and safety risks. It explains:

  • what a safety assessment involves
  • how to conduct, document and review a safety assessment
  • who to consult when you conduct a safety assessment
  • how the safety assessment process works
  • why employees must be involved and understand their role in safety assessments
  • how mine operators, employees and health and safety representatives can identify hazards
  • the types of mining hazards you may identify
  • control measures for identified hazards
  • how to conduct a risk assessment
  • how to prioritise these risks
  • how to identify, document and manage new or improved control measures
  • how to document the safety assessment
  • how to keep your processes up-to-date

At the end of the document, there is a compliance checklist template.