Code summary: Managing exposure to crystalline silica - engineered stone

A guide to explain the managing exposure to crystalline silica - engineered stone compliance code.
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Nov 2021

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The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Crystalline Silica) Regulations 2021 (Crystalline Silica Regulations) came into effect on 15 November 2021.

This Compliance Code has not yet been updated to reference, or reflect any changes introduced by, the Crystalline Silica Regulations. Complying with the guidance after 15 November 2021 may not necessarily mean compliance with a duty under the Crystalline Silica Regulations.

Information reflecting changes introduced by the Crystalline Silica Regulations relating to engineered stone can be found at:

What it contains

The managing exposure to crystalline silica - engineered stone compliance code 2020 came into effect on; 11 February 2020. This summary explains the key features and structure of the compliance code.

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