Effective patron restraint systems for Cha Cha, Scrambler and Sizzler amusement rides

Information about effective patron restraint systems for amusement rides.
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Jun 2018

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This guide outlines the OHS duties of employers, self-employed people and people with management or control of a workplace to ensure Cha Cha, Scrambler and Sizzler amusement rides have effective restraint systems. It explains:

  • how using a lap bar patron restraint system only for these amusement rides may expose patrons to health and safety risks while the ride is operating
  • how the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act 2004 applies to people operating these amusement rides
  • risk control measures to eliminate or reduce risks
  • duties of people operating prescribed equipment under the OHS Act and the Equipment (Public Safety) Act 2004
  • risk control measures, including images to illustrate these measures, to eliminate or reduce risks associated with these amusement rides