Emergency management in the minerals resources sector

How to understand your role in mine emergency management responses.
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Jul 2009

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What it contains

Emergency management in the mineral resources sector relies on effective planning and owners, operators, managers and relevant government agencies working together. This document outlines how mining operators can plan for emergencies. It explains:

  • how an emergency management team works together
  • what is meant by the terms control agency, support agency and agency commander
  • which control and key support agencies respond to different types of emergencies
  • the responsibilities of mine operators and managers
  • how different services respond to mine emergencies
  • how to make incident management arrangements
  • how to provide suitable on-site resources for emergency management
  • the importance of emergency-related exercises and drills

At the end of the document, there is:

  • a list of relevant contacts
  • a glossary of terms used in this document