Land-borne inflatable amusement devices

Understand your occupational health and safety duties when operating land-borne inflatable amusement devices.
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Aug 2018

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This guidance is for employers and self-employed people who operate land-borne inflatable amusement devices, such as jumping castles and slides. The guide explains:

  • incidents in which children have been injured on jumping castles
  • the legal duties of employers and self-employed people who operate an inflatable device as part of their business
  • how certain amusement structures need to have a registration of design under Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • risk control measures employers can use to manage safety risks, including anchoring, providing safe access for patrons, preventing unauthorised access around the structure, monitoring and supervising devices when they are being inflated and during operation, inspecting and, documenting the state of inflatable devices

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