Plant: Your health and safety guide

How to reduce or eliminate the workplace health and safety risks of serious injury or death when working with machinery and equipment (plant).

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Jun 2017

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What it contains

Using machinery or equipment (plant) is just part of the job for many Victorian workers. But every year, workers are seriously injured or killed when things go wrong – especially when plant is unsafe. This health and safety guide helps you to understand the workplace hazards and risks of plant, how you can make plant safe and stop people from getting hurt. The document tells you:

  • what plant is and the types of injuries it can cause
  • your legal duties as an employer, employee, self-employed person, designer, manufacturer or supplier
  • WorkSafe Victoria’s role in targeting unsafe workplace activity, enforcing compliance with these laws and providing guidance and advice
  • how to comply with these laws, including consulting with employees, identifying these risks, reducing or eliminating them and regularly reviewing these risk controls

At the end of the document, you’ll find a list of terms used in this document and what they mean. You’ll also find a list of relevant resources for more information or advice.

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