Preventing and managing work-related stress: A guidebook for employers

How to prevent and manage employees’ work-related stress.
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Jun 2017

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32 pages

What it contains

Work-related stress is recognised globally as a major challenge for workplaces. This guide outlines the occupational health and safety responsibilities of workplaces to manage stress. It explains:

  • how to develop and introduce a risk management approach for work-related stress
  • ways organisational and work demands can contribute to work-related stress
  • when to consult, report and resolve work-related stress issues
  • how to provide employees with a level of control to manage work demands
  • how supervisors and colleagues can support workers
  • how to clarify and reduce conflict about roles
  • how to manage working relationships
  • how to manage change
  • the importance of creating and maintaining civility
  • how early intervention can reduce stress

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