Workplace bullying - prevention and response

How employers can respond to the serious health and safety risks of workplace bullying.

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Jul 2019

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What it contains

Workplace bullying can happen in any workplace. It can affect people’s physical and mental health and ability to do their job. It contributes to loss of productivity, staff turnover, work attendance, low motivation and job satisfaction and financial costs. This document tells you:

  • your legal duties to reduce, eliminate and respond to workplace bullying
  • your legal duties to consult with employees
  • how to prevent workplace bullying
  • how to inform, train and supervise workers
  • how to monitor and review workplace bullying policies and procedures
  • how to respond to and investigate workplace bullying

This guide does not cover dissatisfaction or grievances with an organisation and its management practices.

At the end of the document, you’ll find tools for more information or advice.