Resolving return to work issues

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  1. Why it's important to work together
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Workers and employers should work together

A work-related injury or illness can have a big impact on what an injured worker is able to do. If you're an injured worker, you may not be able to do what you did previously, either at work or at home.

Return to work is a team effort. It involves workers, employers, your WorkSafe Agent, the treating health practitioner and sometimes, an occupational rehabilitation provider.

Workers also have return to work obligations, including to make reasonable efforts to return to work with their employer or, if necessary, another employer, and to actively participate and co-operate in the planning for return to work.

Resolving issues

Return to work issues can impact an injured worker's rehabilitation and return to work. Regular communication is often the best way to avoid return to work issues arising.

If a return to work issue does arise, you must attempt to resolve the issue – together.

The steps to resolving return to work issues fact sheet is a useful starting point along with the Ministerial Direction for the issue resolution process under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013.

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