Your return to work obligations

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  1. Summary of your obligations

Returning to work is a crucial part of your rehabilitation, whether it's on reduced hours in your normal job or on modified or alternative duties.

You should talk to your treating health practitioner about the kind of work and activities that will best support your recovery.

Summary of your obligations

  1. Make reasonable efforts to return to work in suitable or pre-injury employment
  2. Make reasonable efforts to actively participate and cooperate in planning for your return to work
  3. Actively use an occupational rehabilitation service if provided, and cooperate with the provider of that service
  4. Actively participate and cooperate in assessments of your capacity for work, rehabilitation progress or future employment prospects
  5. Actively participate and cooperate with the WorkSafe Agent in an interview to enhance your opportunities to return to work.

Your employer must consult directly with you about your return to work, which is one of your employer's obligations.

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