In a recent incident, a construction worker died when the boom type elevating work platform (EWP) he was working on rolled down an embankment as it was travelling around the worksite.

The boom lift was elevated at the time of the incident resulting in the worker falling 15 metres.

Control measures

WorkSafe expects any person operating a boom type EWP to:

  • inspect the work area where the EWP is to be used. EWPs should not be operated on soft, uneven or sloping ground as it can make the EWP unstable, especially when the basket is raised
  • assess the type of EWP to ensure it is appropriate for the site and work being undertaken
  • conduct daily checks of the EWP before using it
  • check the logbook for the last scheduled service of the EWP and arrange maintenance or replacement of the EWP if needed
  • inspect the supplied safety harnesses and their connection points in the buckets

Any issues or defects with the EWP should be reported to the supplier immediately and the EWP removed from use until it has been checked by the supplier.

Workers operating EWPs should be trained and be able to demonstrate safe operation of the EWP. No worker should operate an EWP unless they are properly trained and supervised. Records of provided training should be kept as verification. Workers operating an EWP that has a reach height of 11 metres or higher need to hold a licence for high risk work.