Structural collapse targeted blitz

2 – 27 March 2020

This month we're reminding the construction industry about the risk of structural collapse and the control methods that should be implemented on Victorian construction sites.

Instability leads to collapse

WorkSafe Inspectors will visit domestic and commercial construction sites to highlight the importance of ensuring the stability of buildings and structures, during construction, demolition and refurbishment works.

Sadly 7 people have been killed as a result of a structural collapse since 2012.

In 2019

35 incidents

Relating to structural failure or collapse

Workplace fatality

Tragically 1 Victorian died as a result of workplace incident

10 incidents causing injury

Injuries of workers during construction work

Preventing structural collapse

Is your structure capable of supporting the intended load? Instability leads to collapse. 

WorkSafe inspectors routinely find and take enforcement action over unstable structures and structural stability risk factors.


Top tips videos

Tip 1: What is a structural collapse

Tip 2: High risk construction work (HRCW)

Tip 3: The main risk factors

Top tips overview

Recent prosecutions and Enforceable Undertakings

WorkSafe prosecutes businesses and individuals for breaches of the Acts and Regulations made under each Act. You can read summaries of prosecutions that result in a plea of guilty or a finding of guilt against an accused party.