Understand if contractors are considered workers for WorkCover insurance purposes

Understand whether contractors are considered workers for the purposes of WorkSafe.


When contractors are workers

If you are using contractors, it's your responsibility to find out if they're considered workers by WorkSafe.

This may affect your total remuneration – one of the factors that influences your premium. You may be liable if the contractor is injured while performing work for you.

Contractors can operate as sole proprietors, partnerships, companies or through family trusts.

They can also refer to themselves as:

  • consultants
  • agents
  • outworkers

Each time you hire a contractor you need to determine if they're considered a 'worker' by WorkSafe. If so, you become their employer for WorkCover insurance purposes and you must include the money you pay them in your total remuneration.

Contractors and workers guideline

How to tell if a contractor you have hired counts as a worker for the purposes of WorkCover insurance premiums.

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