Do you need WorkCover insurance?

WorkCover criteria

You must pay WorkCover insurance if:

  • you or your company expects to pay more than $7,500 a financial year in wages and benefits to your employees (also known as rateable remuneration)
  • you have any apprentices or trainees
  • you employ a minimum of one worker
  • you are a trustee and run an independent business under a trust.

If you do not meet these requirements and one of your workers makes a claim for compensation, you must report the claim to WorkSafe.


You are exempt from paying WorkCover insurance, and not recognised as a worker of your own business, if you are:

  • an individual and running a business as a sole trader or sole proprietor
  • a partner in a partnership
  • the trustee of a trust.

If you are hired as a worker by someone else, that person may need to take out WorkCover insurance to cover you.


If you’re not registered for WorkCover insurance and one of your workers suffers an injury at work, WorkSafe may still pay compensation, but the cost of compensation will be recovered from you and you may also face a significant fine.

If you have information about an employer that may not be meeting their insurance obligations please contact us.

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