About WorkSafe

Victorian workers returning home safe every day.

WorkSafe's mission is to actively work with the community to deliver outstanding workplace safety and return to work, together with insurance protection. The work we do is important because we impact upon many people's lives, everyday. 

WorkSafe is:

  • Constructive in the way we provide information, advice and service
  • Accountable for what we do and what we say. We live up to our promises
  • Transparent in the way we work, our environment is open and honest
  • Effective by working collaboratively to deliver high quality services
  • Caring by showing empathy in our dealings with everyone we work with.

  1. WorkSafe's responsibilities

    Find out how WorkSafe meets its responsibilities under several Acts of Parliament including the OHS Act, WIRC Act and related Regulations.

  2. WorkSafe Board

    WorkSafe Board members meet ten times each year. Learn more about the board's role, responsibilities and read profiles of current members.

  3. Careers

    Start a rewarding career with WorkSafe, Information Technology shared solutions (ITSS - WorkSafe and TAC) or a WorkSafe Agent.

  4. Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register

    In accordance with the Victorian Public Sector Commission's (VPSC) gifts, benefits and hospitality framework, this is WorkSafe's gifts, benefits and hospitality register.

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