Helping to create positive, mentally healthy workplaces

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Helping to create positive, mentally healthy workplaces

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The WorkWell program

Tailored employer support

WorkWell supports employers to promote employee mental health and wellbeing, and control risk from work factors associated with mental health and wellbeing. It offers tailored support, practical actions, simple steps and relevant resources.

The workplace is an ideal setting to promote mental health and wellbeing, as Victorian employees spend 1/3 of their time in the workplace. In addition, one in five Australians is expected to experience a mental health condition each year.

Promoting mental health and wellbeing benefits both employers and employees. By empowering employees to thrive, employers find that their employees are more committed to their organisation’s goals, build better relationships with their peers, are inclined to deliver more effort and are therefore more productive.

Mental Health Improvement Fund

A multi-million dollar fund to encourage new ways of working and expand small, successful programs focused on employees health, safety and mental wellbeing, across industries with vulnerable employee populations.

Mental Health Improvement Fund