WorkWell survey

The WorkWell Survey (WWS) supports employers to address mental health issues, prevent mental injury and promote overall workplace wellbeing.


What is the WWS?

The WWS is an innovative online self-assessment tool for employers to measure the mental health and wellbeing of their workplace based on key performance indicators.

Why complete the WWS?

The WWS identifies workplace areas of success and areas for improvement and the results will help employers create strategies and action plans to improve the mental health and wellbeing of workplaces.

Combined with the WorkWell Toolkit, employers have a two-step process they can access to help create a mentally healthy workplace:

  1. Complete the survey to understand current workplace mental health and identify areas for improvement.
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  2. Access the WorkWell Toolkit for practical resources, tools and information to action survey recommendations and implement changes to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing. 
    WorkWell Toolkit


Completing the WWS is easy

There are two different surveys to help employers understand the current mental health and wellbeing of their workforce:

  • One for leaders who are in a position to drive meaningful change towards improving workplace mental health and wellbeing.
  • One for workers to complete.

Both surveys allow employers to understand current perspectives and experiences of mental health and wellbeing at their workplace at an organisational level, which can then be compared to the day-to-day lived experiences of their employees.

It is recommended the WWS is completed annually to help track progress and identify new areas for improvement.

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