WorkWell survey

A self-assessment tool giving your workplace unique insights on mental health.


A self-assessment tool for workplaces

The Workplace Wellbeing Insights survey is a self-assessment tool for workplaces to assess the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce. The survey is designed to assess the culture and psychological safety of workplaces against 11 work-related factors that influence work related psychological stress, and identify areas for improvement.

The target users are employers (employer/manager responsible for OHS, Health Promotion and Human Resources in the workplace) and workers (18 years and over).

The survey is wholly funded by WorkSafe's WorkWell Program and has been developed by EY Sweeny, with questions from the survey approved by Monash University's Human Resources Ethics Committee. Researchers from Monash University, Melbourne University and the University of South Australia will also use the survey data to help WorkSafe to evaluate the benefit of the WorkWell program.