Interstate workers

Understand how to get workers' compensation insurance for your interstate workers.


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Interstate workers

Each State in Australia is a different jurisdiction for workers' compensation purposes. If a worker performs work for their employer in more than one State there may be some uncertainty as to which jurisdiction determines the workers' compensation rights and responsibilities and where the employer is required to hold workers' compensation insurance to cover their workers.

There is also uncertainty in relation to workers' compensation insurance coverage when a worker performs work overseas for their employer or when a worker comes from overseas to work in Australia for their employer.

Working in another state or territory within Australia

When a worker is required to work in more than one state or territory there will be only one jurisdiction in Australia that determines the applicable workers' compensation rights and responsibilities for the arrangement; in other words, a worker will always be connected to one state or territory.

To identify the applicable jurisdiction, WorkSafe Victoria, along with the Authorities responsible for workers' compensation insurance in the other Australian states and territories, have developed guidelines to assist employers identify where their obligations for insurance exist.

For specific enquiries relating to workers working in more than one state or territory, contact WorkSafe on 1800 136 089 (toll free) or email [email protected].