Armed hold-ups and cash handling: Transferring cash safely

How small businesses can prevent being targeted for robberies when banking money.


How to reduce the risk of being targeted for a robbery when transferring cash

  • When large amounts of cash are involved, use a security transport company.
  • Count cash out of sight of customers.
  • Reduce need for transfers by reducing use of cash; for example, encouraging electronic funds transfers.

How to manage risks

  • Monitor the amount of cash held at your business and make regular random bank deposits through the day.
  • Do not take large amounts of cash to the bank in the same bag at the same time every day.
  • If possible, take someone with you to the bank.
  • Conceal deposit bag and use a bank close to you to deposit takings.
  • Constantly change the procedures for cash transfer, including changing routes, times, schedules, the amounts transferred and the vehicle used.
  • Do not take cash home – driving home with the day's takings makes you a target for robbery.
  • Have signs indicating limited cash on premises.

What to do if you are the target of a robbery

  • Stand still, with your hands where they can be seen and avoid making sudden movements.
  • Do exactly as the offender says.
  • Try to stay calm.
  • Avoid drawing attention to yourself.
  • Avoid staring or making eye contact with the offender.
  • Allow the offender to leave and do not give chase.
  • When it is safe call 000.
  • Try not to touch anything that may involve disturbing the evidence.