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Occupational Rehabilitation Services

WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) is intending to commence the procurement process for the provision of Occupational Rehabilitation services in Victoria. Occupational Rehabilitation Providers will be invited to apply for a position on the Occupational Rehabilitation Panel by adequately addressing a combination of mandatory criteria and application questions.

This Occupational Rehabilitation Panel is expected to provide relevant Return to Work support to injured workers and employers across Victoria from the period of 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2027.

Over the past twelve (12) months more than 11,000 injured workers have received support from OR providers in the form of:

  • facilitating return to work with the pre injury or new employer
  • providing retraining services
  • assisting with interpersonal conflict resolution, and
  • keep workers 'work-ready' despite barriers to return to work

Occupational Rehabilitation Providers will be sought through public advertisement through the various advertising channels:

  • Buying for Victoria website
  • Relevant associations (Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association)
  • LinkedIn

Applications will open in November 2023 with the intent to advise providers of their successful or unsuccessful applications prior to June 2024. Those Occupational Rehabilitation Providers who are successful in obtaining a position on the panel will commence servicing from 1 July 2024.

Occupational Rehabilitation Providers wanting to participate in this opportunity must register on the Buying for Victoria Supplier Portal and download the tender documents once released. Applicants are reminded not to approach WorkSafe staff members in relation to the Occupational Rehabilitation Provider panel.

Fair Jobs Code requirements for the OR panel 2024-2027

The Victorian Fair Jobs Code (FJC) will apply to the Occupation Rehabilitation Panel for the 2024 – 2027 Conditions of Approval.

FJC ensures suppliers and businesses applying for Victorian Government contracts are recognised for doing the right thing and putting workers first.

All successful OR Providers approved to deliver services for the 2024 – 2027 period must hold a Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate to be eligible to provide the services in the 2024-2027 contract term. The certificate registration details must be provided as a part of the application or renewal documentation.

The Pre-Assessment certificate is valid for two years for any Victorian Government procurement activity or grant and the application can be submitted at any time.

WorkSafe encourages all interested applicants to obtain the certificate at their earliest convenience to avoid any delays.

Tools and support

Contact the Fair Jobs Code Unit

Department of Jobs, Skills, Industries and Regions.
Phone: 13 22 15
Email: [email protected]

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