Compliance code: Confined spaces - Key changes

A guide to explain recent updates to the confined spaces compliance code.

  1. Key changes for 2019/20

    The Minister for Workplace Safety, Jill Hennessy, approved minor amendments to 11 compliance codes (codes) made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act), which includes the Confined spaces compliance code.

    The minor amendments were made to:

    • reflect amendments to section 35 and 36 of the OHS Act by the Treasury and Finance Legislation Amendment Act 2018
    • improve style and branding consistency across the existing codes.

    Change summary

    Paragraph 29

    Insert additional content (bold italics) and replace OHS Act reference to s36 with reference to s35:

    "Employers who are required to consult on a matter must share information about the matter with employees, including relevant contractors and HSRs, give them a reasonable opportunity to express their views, and take those views into account before making a decision. If employees are represented by an HSR, the consultation must involve that HSR (with or without the involvement of the employees directly). If the employer and the employees have agreed to procedures for undertaking consultation, the consultation must be undertaken in accordance with those procedures. OHS Act s35".

    Paragraph 26 and breakout boxes following paragraphs 52, 79, 108

    Replace "health and safety" with "health or safety".

    Breakout box following paragraph 26

    Insert missing full stop.

    Subheading following paragraph 157

    Replace duplicated subheading:

    "Air-supplied respiratory equipment to be provided"

    Front cover

    Update front cover to 'Edition 2'.

    Back cover

    Update back cover with new head office phone and address.

    Update translation service contact details.

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