Construction excavation notification

Complete this online form to notify WorkSafe at least three days before starting construction excavation work.

You must notify WorkSafe about construction excavation work involving:

  • a trench (if the excavated depth is more than 1.5 metres)
  • a shaft (if the excavated depth is more than two metres)
  • a tunnel

If the construction excavation would be deep enough for a person to enter or there is a health and safety risk to anyone from the excavation

What you'll need

  • details about the employer or self-employed person completing the excavation
  • details about the supervisor, including training and experience in trenching and excavation
  • details of the excavation location and type
  • details about risk control measures

Excavations exempt from notification

Notification is not required if the excavation is made as part of building work for which a building permit has been issued and is in force under the Building Act 1993.

Further information is available in the excavation compliance code 2018 or by contacting WorkSafe's advisory service - 1800 136 089.

Print form

You can also download and complete this notification via PDF.

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