Dietetic services policy

Guidelines for providing dietetic services to injured workers.


Who can provide dietetic services?

The WorkSafe Agent (the Agent) can only pay for dietetic services provided by healthcare professionals who are:

  • registered by WorkSafe to provide dietetic services
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD)
    • An APD is a dietitian who has made a commitment to keeping up-to-date and to maintaining high practice standards.
    • The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) administers the APD program, supporting and monitoring continuing professional development activity.
    • APDs are bound by the DAA Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics.
    • Only current participants in this program can use the letter 'APD' after their name.
  • able to provide evidence of current professional indemnity insurance

More information on WorkSafe's required level of professional indemnity insurance

WorkSafe expectations for the delivery of dietetic services WorkSafe expects that all dietitians providing services to workers as part of the Victorian Workers' Compensation Scheme integrate the principles of the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services to Injured Workers (Clinical Framework) into their daily practice.

The Clinical Framework is based on the following principles:

  1. measurable treatment effectiveness must be demonstrated
  2. a biopsychosocial approach is essential for the management of pain
  3. treatment must focus on empowering the worker to manager their injury
  4. treatment goals must be functional and focused on return to work
  5. treatment must be based on the best evidence available

Referral requirements

  • A medical practitioner must provide a request for dietetic services prior to commencement of treatment:
    • WorkSafe considers dietetics to be a referred service. A request from a medical practitioner must therefore be provided.
    • Referred services include all approved health services with the exception of medical, chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathic, optometry, dental and podiatry services.
  • No referral to other health services:
    • WorkSafe does not allow dietitians to provide referrals to other health services.

How much the Agent can pay

The Agent can pay the reasonable costs of dietetic services up to the maximum amount as detailed in WorkSafe's Dietetic Services Fee Schedule.

What the Agent can pay for

The Agent can pay the reasonable costs of dietetic services that meet all of the following criteria:

  • treatment is for a work-related injury or illness
  • the provider is currently registered as an dietitian with WorkSafe
  • a medical practitioner has provided a request for treatment
  • the service is in line with the principles of the Clinical Framework

What the Agent will not pay for

  • Weight loss programs or food replacement services:
    • the Agent will not pay for weight loss programs or food/meal replacement services, for example home delivered meal services such as 'Lite & Easy' or weight loss programs such as 'Weight Watchers' or 'Jenny Craig'
  • Non-attendance/cancellation:
    • the Agent will not pay for appointments where the worker cancels or does not attend
  • Telephone conversations:
    • the Agent will not pay for telephone consultations or conversations, either to the worker or other related parties (such as the employer, WorkSafe or other healthcare professionals) that do not align with WorkSafe's telehealth policy
  • More than one consultation on the same day:
    • the Agent will not pay for more than one dietetic consultation provided on the same day to the same worker
  • Provision of more than one allied health service on the same day:
    • where a dietitian is registered with WorkSafe for more than one allied health service (for example, dietetics and remedial massage), the Agent will not pay for the provision of more than one service type to the worker on the same day

Suspended from providing services to WorkSafe clients

If WorkSafe gives notice to a provider advising them that they are suspended from providing services to WorkSafe clients, WorkSafe will notify their professional body and Medicare Australia of the suspension and the grounds on which the suspension has been issued.

Note: This policy is a guideline issued by WorkSafe Victoria under Victorian Workers compensation legislation in respect of the reasonable costs of services, and services for which approval should be sought from the WorkSafe Agent or self-insurer (as the case may be) before the services are provided.