Digital licences

You can apply for and manage a selection of WorkSafe licences online through myWorkSafe.



The following WorkSafe licences are available in a digital format:

  • blasting explosives
  • dangerous goods driver
  • dangerous goods vehicle (Fleet Trailer Licence)
  • engineered stone
  • high risk work
  • High Consequence Dangerous Goods (HCDG) permit
  • driver transporting explosives
  • plant registration
  • pyrotechnician

If your online licence application is approved, you can access your digital licence straight away through myWorkSafe.

Visit to set up your myWorkSafe account. If you need help setting up your account, contact WorkSafe advisory.

Digital licence benefits

Quicker processing times

  • Digital licence applications are often processed quicker than licence applications submitted through Australia Post. If your digital licence application is approved it will be available for use immediately.

Convenience and easy access

  • Using myWorkSafe to manage your licence allows you to view and update your personal details at any time.
  • With a myWorkSafe account you can receive licence updates by email.
  • Digital licences can be viewed, displayed, printed, emailed, renewed and additional classes applied for, quickly and easily through myWorkSafe.

Validating digital licences

An employer or work site can validate a WorkSafe digital licence on the WorkSafe website.

A watermark now appears on all digital licences to increase security and to help employers recognise WorkSafe accredited licences.

Plastic licences have their own built-in security features and cannot be validated on the WorkSafe website.

Validate a digital licence

Display a digital licence

If you don't have a digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer to display your digital licence, you can print a paper copy or email the licence in PDF format.

Plastic card licences

For most licences, you'll also receive a plastic card licence in the mail within 20 to 25 business days. Plastic card licences are not provided for dangerous goods vehicle, engineered stone and plant registration.

Contact WorkSafe's licensing branch

To check the progress of an application or if you need assistance, contact the Licensing Branch at:

Licensing Branch
PO Box 279
Geelong Vic 3220

Phone 1300 852 562
Fax 1800 060 727
Email [email protected]