Do you need a licence?

Understand the types of work that require a licence.

Performing high risk work? You might need a licence

WorkSafe requires businesses and people performing high risk tasks to either get a licence, a permit, or make an official notification before starting work.

  • High risk work (eg. scaffolding and rigging, operating cranes and forklifts, and using boilers and other pressure equipment)
  • removing specific types and amounts of asbestos
  • operating a major hazard facility
  • using known carcinogens
  • transporting dangerous goods
  • using dangerous goods that pose a security concern (High Consequence Dangerous Goods)
  • transporting, storing, selling, manufacturing or importing explosives or fireworks
  • using explosives or discharging fireworks.

In addition, certain designs, types and items of plant need to be registered before being used in the workplace.

Requirements for licences or registrations are set out in regulations managed by WorkSafe.

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