Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework (EIPF): Post-operative physio eligible procedure list

Procedures deemed 'eligible' can use the post-operative physio item number for billing for a period of up to 3 months of treatment; provided the eligible procedure has been performed within 2 and a half years (30 months/130 weeks) of the date of injury.


Post-operative physio eligible procedure list

This list has been developed to assist EIPF providers to determine when the post-operative item EIP001 can be billed. It is not designed to be exhaustive, but to cover the likely compensable procedures for WorkSafe clients. If a procedure does not appear on the list, it should be considered ineligible. Regular reviews will be conducted to ensure EIPF providers are billing in line with this list. Billing of EIP001 following ineligible procedures will be subject to recovery.