Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework (EIPF): Training and enrolment

The training involves an online self-paced module. It will take about 2-3 hours to complete. Themes include the Clinical Framework and treating compensable patients. The training will also attract CPD hours.


Completing the training module

At this stage, you only need to do the module once. The training will be reviewed over time and if there is new evidence or information to be communicated, you may be asked to refresh your training.

How to enrol

At the end of the training, a declaration will appear with your name and AHPRA number. This can be completed and sent in via email. The completed declaration is your proof of completion and request to enrol in the EIPF program.

WorkSafe will aim to complete all applications for enrolment in 10 business days. You will receive confirmation once your enrolment is complete. You may start billing the EIPF rates once your enrolment is confirmed.

Eligibility to enrol

Any physiotherapist can join the framework after they have completed the training and signed the declaration. You must also be a registered practitioner with AHPRA.

There is no minimum experience level for entry to the EIPF The EIPF is designed to broaden the pool of physiotherapists who are trained in managing compensable patients.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduates can’t join the EIPF as they will not yet be registered with AHPRA.

Providers of physiotherapy services in a hospital or community based centre

Providers of physiotherapy services in a hospital or community based centre may join the EIPF but will be paid according to the applicable fee schedule. For example, if you practise in a hospital, you will be paid in line with the relevant hospital fee schedule available on the WorkSafe website. EIPF rates are only applicable for providers in private practice.

Physiotherapists who practise interstate

Physiotherapists who practise interstate will need to sign the declaration and provide treatment in line with the WorkSafe Victoria guidelines.

Enrolment period

Your enrolment is valid for 3 years. WorkSafe will be in contact before this period ends with advice on how to continue your enrolment.

Practice location

Your enrolment relates to you as an individual provider and is not restricted to a practice location (as with occupational physiotherapy). You do, however need to notify WorkSafe if you change practices or start at a new location. On the declaration you will be asked to nominate your current practice locations for contact information and to ensure WorkSafe accounts systems are updated. Practice managers should be aware that within their practice, some physiotherapists will be part of the framework and others will not be.