Work-related gendered violence including sexual harassment


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Learn about the many forms of work-related gendered violence, all of which are OH&S issues and all of which are unacceptable and preventable.

We'll unpack some of the key issues and provide practical advice about how to reduce workplace harm, including the implementation of effective controls.

Teryn Callaway

Teryn Callaway

Senior Psychological Health and Safety Specialist, WorkSafe Victoria

Teryn Callaway is a Counselling Psychologist and Senior Psychological Health and Safety Specialist at WorkSafe. Teryn has extensive experience in Psychological Health and Safety, particularly in male-dominated workplaces, having provided services in the prevention, early intervention, and treatment and recovery space.

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Jodi Peskett

Jodi Peskett

Service Model Specialist, Strategic Delivery, WorkSafe Victoria

Jodi has extensive experience working in the area of work related gendered violence. She was a member of the Psychological Health Programs team which worked across a range of psychological hazards projects. She is currently working in Strategic Delivery on Worksafe's recovery service model.

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