Transforming mental health in manufacturing – a business case study

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Webinar recorded 26 October 2022

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Workplace mental health isn’t just about supporting people to cope with workplace stress or helping workers in distress. The ‘new normal’ for workplace mental health is for workplace cultures to be psychologically safe and for work-related factors that can impact on mental health to be managed.

WorkWell is trialling best-practice interventions for preventing mental injury. Hear from two organisations piloting projects in manufacturing, and share in the evidence and learnings from these leaders about how they are successfully influencing and improving mental health outcomes for their workers.

Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross

OHS Unit Coordinator, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU)

A health and safety expert, Sarah has represented workers in the automotive industry, including mechanics in the Bus industry, for over 30 years. Her role includes supporting employees and their HSRs, encouraging employers to implement good OHS controls, and advocating for improved safety standards within WorkSafe Victoria.

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Tegan Donald

Tegan Donald

Senior Consultant, Rapid Context

Dr Tegan Donald is a Senior Consultant at Rapid Context who specialises in research and evaluation with a particular focus on organisational culture and workplace wellbeing. As an organisational culture specialist and science communicator Tegan has a deep interest in how evidence-based research and evaluation can be used to inform policy, strategy and workplace change.

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Rebecca Marshall

Rebecca Marshall

Program Manager, WorkSafe Victoria

Dr Rebecca Marshall is a Program Manager of WorkSafe's WorkWell Program. Rebecca leads a skilled team responsible for the delivery of the WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund and Learning Networks that are building the evidence base on effective approaches to prevent mental injury and promote mental health at work.

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