The value of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)

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Webinar recorded 25 October 2022

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Meet our 2022 WorkSafe Health and Safety Month Ambassadors and 2019 WorkSafe Award winners for Health and Safety Representative (HSR) of the Year, Sara Jorgenson and Sally Collier-Clarke. Sara and Sally will share their experiences as Health and Safety Representatives at Bendigo Health and explain the important role HSRs play in a workplace. A must attend if you are a current or aspiring HSR or an employer wanting to understand why you should have HSRs in your workplace.


Anita Forde

Manager Industry and Representation Support, WorkSafe Victoria

Anita Forde is the Manager, Industry and Representation Support a newly formed team within the Field Operations that focuses on representation (in all its forms) and the importance of Victoria’s HSRs. Prior to this role Anita has worked as the Group Leader driving the Corrections Taskforce and as a Senior Inspector within the Psychosocial Inspectorate.

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Sara Jorgenson and Sally Collier-Clarke

2022 Health & Safety Month Ambassadors

Sara Jorgenson and Sally Collier-Clarke are WorkSafe's 2022 Health & Safety Month Ambassadors. They were winners in the WorkSafe Awards 2019 - Health & Safety Representative of the Year. They have been HSR’s and Bendigo health since 2018 where they have been midwives for 16 years.

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