About the licence

The application for an explosives licence authorises you to drive a vehicle transporting explosives by land above the prescribed quantities.

To apply for a licence you must:

  • provide proof of competency by passing an approved test, or
  • completing an approved or accredited training course through a registered training organisation.

You must also undergo a medical assessment and submit a completed medical fitness certificate and driving records history.

Fee summary


Per licence.


For an amendment to the licence.


National Police check.


ASIO security assessment.

5 years

This licence is valid for 5 years.

If you have previously completed an ASIO security assessment through WorkSafe you do not need repeat or pay for this assessment again.

Apply for or renew the licence

Are you in a state outside of Victoria?

Applicants residing outside of Victoria will need to contact the WorkSafe Licensing branch for interstate lodgement arrangements.