Family counselling services policy

Guidelines for providing family counselling services to injured workers.

When can WorkSafe pay for family counselling services?

WorkSafe will pay for family counselling services to family members of an injured worker where the worker has sustained a severe injury where immediate inpatient hospital treatment was received or where death resulted from the injury.

Who can provide family counselling services?

Family counselling services can be provided to the worker's family members by:

  • a medical practitioner; or
    • a registered psychologist; or
      • a social worker approved by WorkSafe to provide counselling services.

      Is a referral required?

      Family counselling can be accessed by a family member without a referral or pre-approval from the WorkSafe Agent.

      How much can WorkSafe pay?

      WorkSafe can pay up to a maximum amount for family members for counselling services. As at 1 July 2021, the maximum amount that WorkSafe can pay is $6820.

      What the Agent will not pay for?

      The Agent will not pay for:

      • appointments where the family member cancels or does not attend
      • telephone consultations or conversations between the family member and the family counsellor
      • more than one family counselling consultation provided on the same day to the same family member

      Further information

      Contact the managing Agent or email [email protected].