Tatyoon country club game

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate National Farm Safety Week and the reason to stay safe at work - so you can enjoy the things you love on the weekend.


Making a difference to your farming business

Hear from local farmers Ben McEvoy, Rob McKay, Sam King, Jack Armstrong and Briony Robertson about their experiences and tips for safe and successful farming.

Stay on the safe side of farm machinery

The 2023 National Farm Safety Week theme was 'stay on the safe side' with vehicles and machinery, which make up around 75% of Victorian farm workplace deaths.

Farm incidents are preventable, not inevitable

"For any young farmers starting out, for older farmers, if you're not sure about anything - you can ask"

Ben McEvoy - Farmer, sheep and cropping

It's never you, until it is.

More people die on farms than in other workplaces - let's change that.

WorkSafe is here to help you stay safe at work, so you can enjoy what you love

"When we got contacted from WorkSafe, about our audit, we took it on board as being a positive thing. We just felt it was a good way to actually get some feedback on areas that we could improve, so that we could have peace of mind knowing that we’ve done everything possible, to keep everyone at work safe."

Rob McKay - Farmer, sheep and cropping