Health and Safety Month 2021

You learn something new every day.


Health and Safety Month 2021 webinars

Hear insights and perspectives from our ambassadors Joanne Woodward and Dan Casey, as well as industry leaders and subject matter experts including Colin Radford (Chief Executive, WorkSafe Victoria), Dr Robyn Miller (Chief Executive Officer, MacKillop Family Services) and Phil Allison (Managing Director, Corporate Edge).

How organisational culture impacts workplace mental health

Using Systems Thinking to identify holes in your system

Tools for HSRs - prevent and respond to workplace gendered violence, including sexual harassment

Unsafe is always Unacceptable - Young Workers webinar

The importance of Health and Safety Representatives to business

Setting the trail ablaze: insights for predicting psychological safety

Building leaders that WorkWell

Systems Thinking incident review

Silica: new regulations, health updates and what controls are best for your business.

Welding fumes - health risk, legal obligations and controls

Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling - New Regulations Explained

Preventing workplace harm in Victoria

Improving RTW outcomes for mental injuries/secondary mental injuries and support for employers

Manual Handling Training - There's a Better Way

Remote and flexible working - Practical tips for employers to keep their staff safe

Why WorkSafe exists - Dan and Joanne's stories

Work related violence in community care

3 ways to save your livelihood and mates on site today

Why WorkSafe exists - Case studies of prosecutions

Workplace Mental Health 101: A business case study

WorkSafe talks safety with the multicultural community