Health and Safety Representative Support Officers (HSRSOs)

How to access support and advice from WorkSafe's Health and Safety Representative Support Officers (HSRSOs).


At WorkSafe we believe the role of the Health and Safety Representative's (HSR) should be encouraged, supported and protected. If you are a HSR you play an important role in helping to keep your workplace safe. To assist you in this role, you can receive support and advice from our Health and Safety Representative Support Officers (HSRSOs).

HSRSOs can provide advice and assistance to HSRs and Deputy HSRs by:

  • clarifying the interpretation and use of Part 4 (Duty of employers to consult) and Part 7 (Representation of Employees) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act)
  • meeting with HSR's onsite or offsite or
  • accompanying an inspector (where appropriate)
  • helping employers to understand their obligations to HSR's

Advice about workplace hazards and risks cannot be provided by HSRSOs. HSRSOs are not appointed inspectors and cannot make determinations or give advice to inspectors on how to make their determinations.

Are you a HSR that has a question or needs support?

HSRSOs are available via phone, email and face-to-face where necessary. You can contact a HSR Support Officer by emailing [email protected]

You can also find more information to support your role as an HSR from the following places:

  • Industry forums
  • Health and Safety Committee meetings
  • WorkSafe HSR Support channel

WorkSafe HSR newsletter

WorkSafe publishes a monthly newsletter for HSRs and employers.

The newsletter is tailored to provide relevant guidance, topics and keep HSRs in the loop to help navigate their role in supporting workers on health and safety matters. It also assists employers in understanding their duties and obligations towards HSRs within the workplace.

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