How to collate safety assessment documentation

Step 4 in conducting a safety assessment is to bring together all of the required documentation to ensure compliance and that it is fit for purpose.


What must be included in your safety assessment

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 requires that the safety assessment documentation prepared by operators of prescribed mines:

  • describes the methods used in the investigation and analysis, stating:
    • the nature of each major mining hazard (MMH)
    • the likelihood of the MMH causing, or contributing to, harm to any person on-site or off-site, and
    • the severity of the harm that may be caused
  • contains reasons for the decisions reached in relation to the above bullet points
  • describes all of the measures that were considered for the control of risks associated with major mining hazards
  • describes the reasons for implementing or rejecting all of the risk control measures considered
  • is readily comprehensible to all who use it
  • is kept and made available for inspection at the mine

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