How the new national quad bike safety standard affects farmers in Victoria

This information outlines what the standard requires and how it relates to existing Victorian regulation of quad bike safety.


Federal safety standard

The federal safety standard applies to all quad bikes (general use, sports and youth models) from 11 October 2020 with additional requirements for general use quad bikes (commonly known as utility quad bikes) from 11 October 2021. The standard does not apply to second-hand quad bikes other than second hand quad bikes imported into Australia.

October 2020

From 11 October 2020, you should look for these three things when buying a quad bike:

  • check that there’s a sticker on it that warns users of the risk of rollover
  • check the owner’s manual has similar information about the risk of rollover
  • check that there is a yellow tag attached to the quad bike that shows the angle at which the quad bike will roll over on a slope; the higher the number, the more stable the quad. Compare the hang tag on each model when making your buying decision

October 2021

From 11 October 2021, new and second-hand imported utility quad bikes must meet a minimum level of stability, and come with an Operator Protection Device (OPD). OPDs help to protect you from being trapped under the quad bike if it rolls over.

Quad bike safety standard: Consumer information

The federal safety standard

Victorian regulation of quad bikes in the workplace

Victoria's occupational health and safety legislation requires that, in general, employers and self-employed persons eliminate or reduce the risks associated with the use of quad bikes (such as rollovers and collisions) so far as reasonably practicable.

Ways you can do this include:

  • choose the right vehicle for the job. Consider a ute or a side-by-side utility vehicle, which are fitted with seatbelts
  • fit an OPD to quad bikes, and ensure operators wear helmets
  • service and maintain quad bikes, including regularly check tyre pressure
  • check the quad bike’s capacity before carrying or towing loads
  • train quad bike operators and review their competency
  • never allow children under 16 years of age to ride adult-sized quad bikes

Reduce the risks

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