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Monday 28 Oct 2019

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Get started

If you need assistance you can contact a WorkSafe agent at any time. If you're a labour hire employer you need to contact a WorkSafe agent before you register.

You can also register by post. Complete the new registration form and post it to the WorkSafe agent of your choice.

The registration process

  1. Check that you are required to register

    While most business will need WorkCover insurance, some are exempt. For more information see Who needs WorkCover insurance?

  2. Complete your registration online or by post

    You can complete your WorkCover insurance registration either online or by post.

    If you decide to register online, you will have to login into the WorkSafe Victoria insurance online portal called 'Online Employer Services' and start a new registration.

    If you choose to register by post, you have to complete a form and then submit it to a WorkSafe agent of your choice.

  3. You’ll receive a username and password

    Once your registration is complete you’ll receive a username and password.

  4. The cost of your premium will be calculated

    The cost of your premium will be calculated after the registration process is complete. If you disagree with the calculation, you have the right to request a review.

Checking the status of your registration

You can check the status of your registration for up to 60 days after it has been submitted.

Checking the status can be done through the WorkSafe Victoria insurance portal called 'Online Employer Services' or through your WorkSafe agent (for postal applications).

You must register for WorkCover insurance within 60 days

WorkSafe must receive your WorkCover insurance registration within 60 days of the date you first meet eligibility requirements.